Tuesday, January 12 & Wednesday, January 13

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

January 12-13

Yep, I was a "Ren & Stimpy" fan.

Boy, we got a long way coming up with alternative nicknames for menu items at Hillcress, huh? I think we were playing off diner lingo.

I think "MRE" was Mike E. Not sure.

Savitha was a pretty awesome person. She still might be, but I haven't spoken to her in years, so I don't know. I think we're friends on Facebook, though, so I guess the possibility's still there. I used to tease her by pronouncing her name "SAV-ith-uh" (it's pronounced "Suh-VEE-thuh".) The irony that I was so sensitive about my own name while being insensitive about someone else's is not lost on me. Hey, it was high school.

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