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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: January 20-21

Some people doodle, I crosshatch.

And here's the first point at which I feel compelled to break out my yearbook and see who "D. Embry" is... Ah! She was a junior, and I thought she had pretty eyes. What exactly "I felt the car!" meant, I have no idea; that's one of the great things about random quotes taken out of context.

Kent was one of those people who you know is incredibly intelligent, but flabbergasts you with their ditziness at times. He was one of the regulars in the honors classes (there was a group of probably around 50 of us, running into each other in every damn class, especially by senior year) as well as the art department, and had a goofy, flamboyant manner about him. He'd say something sort of airheaded but funny, and then in the next breath make a poignant observation or a completely on-point contribution to the topic at hand -- and then he'd be off again. We teased him a lot, but he was always good-natured about it, and we (well, my friends, anyway) weren't being mean-spirited. You kind of get that sense in this whole page of stream-of-consciousness. You also might get the sense that he was gay -- and you'd be right, as it turned out, though we didn't find out for sure until after graduation. Did the "Vogue, Kent; Vogue, Kent; Vogue, Kent" give it away?

We didn't hang out all that often outside of school, but he was fun to have around. I remember having him over one night -- I can't remember if it was a sleepover or not -- and we picked out Barton Fink and something else at Blockbuster. We had heard good things about Barton Fink, so we went to the basement and popped it in first... and found ourselves dreadfully bored after about half an hour. So we popped it out and watched whatever the other film was. I still haven't gone back to watch it.

Richmond, by the way, is Richmond, Illinois, a great antiquing town northwest of Chicago, near the Wisconsin border. Not sure if we actually went.

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