Friday, February 5 & Saturday, February 6

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: February 5-6

Mostly just a string of random quotes from the evening, although I do feel the need to explain the second one. It and the two below it were from yet another night in a coffeeshop or diner, Mike, Chad and I hanging out -- probably with a rotating cast of characters coming through. Chad blew off meeting his girlfriend somewhere that night, and the teabag comment was because he was playing around with a spent teabag, rubbing it on his lips because it was "so soft and cuddly." You get slap-happy sometimes when you hang out too long in diners.

I never did find Volere Volare. Looks pretty fun from the trailer; maybe I'll track it down one day.

This was a truly amazing night, and it started off pretty boring. Suzanne, Jill and I went over the Brandon's house just to hang out and maybe watch a movie. We were getting ready to leave, I think, when Brandon's parents came in and said there was a house on fire in the neighborhood. I happened to have our cameras with us, for some reason (maybe it was just in the car?) so I grabbed it and raced out.

The fire turned out to be on a different cul de sac from his house, and the shortest route to it was across the small lake he lived on. So we crossed the frozen lake in the dark of night (it was around 10pm) to arrive at the backyard of a large suburban home ablaze. We weren't alone -- many neighbors also came out to see the fire, and because it was a fairly remote neighborhood, the fire department took awhile to arrive. We all watched as the fire worsened, and I shot a full roll of black and white photos. As I neared the end of my roll, I spotted a friend, Tuffy, a photographer who worked for the Courier, the local Pioneer Press weekly. He waved me over and said he was running low on film too, and gave me the keys to his car, parked up on the street, and told me to grab some film for the both of us. I think I just grabbed one for myself, but we shot some great pictures. I ended up putting one of the photos on the cover of my next sketchbook, captioned with a diced quote from Michael Stipe from a bumper sticker I got at a record store. It originally said "Arvo Part's music is a house on fire and infinite calm." I changed it to "A house on fire is infinite calm."

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i would like to point out that all of my actions, as noted in this journal, are all hearsay and can in no way be proven in a court of law.

what fun, arrogant, ignorant, self centered people we were. other words, teenagers

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