Monday, February 15 & Tuesday, February 16

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: February 15-16

Wow, I totally forgot about "Herman's Head." It wasn't a show I watched, so I have no idea if it was any good, but if that quote is any indication, the writing wasn't all that amazing.

And here I am complaining about being called Andy again. With Joe taunting me below -- and drawing a naked lady (the bikini was drawn in later). Nice.

Faust, in this instance, is not the one of legend but our theater teacher/director, Mr. John Faust. He was a brilliant teacher and director -- one of my mentors through high school -- but he had an awful temper, no doubt from having to put up with dozens of teenagers every day. Rehearsals for West Side Story clearly aren't going well at this point. I'm pretty sure "This is the end of the INNOCENCE!" is also in reference to WSS.

And speaking of Mr. Faust, happy birthday to him! I guess he's 71 today.

B.U.A.D.S. Bob Up And Down Slowly. This was something I idly came up with in math class to keep myself amused -- and to make Juli H., who sat in front of me, go into giggling fits.

"Time together with time to spare" is a line from a West Side Story song, "Somewhere."

There's a place for us, Somewhere a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air Wait for us Somewhere.

There's a time for us,
Some day a time for us,
Time together with time spare,
Time to learn, time to care,
Some day!

Chris G. wrote it here, on his birthday (happy birthday, Chris!) I'd forgotten he was in the play; I'm pretty sure it was his first play. Looking in the yearbook, I don't actually see him in the cast photos, but the cast was the largest of any show while I was there, and supposedly since Faust started at BHS, so that doesn't mean he wasn't in it.

I knew Chris from all the way back in middle school, in Madame Sandburg's honors French class. He and I were also members of the "Rotating Intellectuals," a group of guys who got together and did silly stuff like make bad movies and screw around. Bunch of dorks, we were, but we thought we were funny. I didn't hang out with those guys as much senior year -- we were at our closest sophomore year, and sort of fragmented as pot and girls got into the picture (the latter only for me, btw) -- but we stayed friends and still had good times on occasion.

Man, the stories I could tell about the Rotators. Some other time, some other time.

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