Monday, March 15 & Tuesday, March 16

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: March 15-16

Today was declared "Random Irrational Day" by my close friend Jill. The randomness of the quotes here back that up.

The note in the middle by Lisa S. is in reference to what I wrote around the edge of the page, starting in the top left corner. I still believe that: saying "I love you" has been rendered pretty insignificant by the number of times and ways it's said these days. I try not to swear very often for the same reason; if every sentence contains profanity, it loses its impact.

I also dislike hearts as a symbol for love, so I made up my own -- the little shape you see just below the start of my thought, in the top left corner. I used to draw it on my hand and sign letters with it. I always meant to get a tattoo of it, but never did. Still might.

Nina and Dan got married years later after an unexpected pregnancy; not sure if they ever actually each other's blood.

Secret writing:

I have no problem in particular with Gabriela's cousin not liking me except she will listen to them before herself.

Grrr... I'm sorry Gaby.

Gaby had an older sister, but she also had several male cousins who acted like big brothers -- overprotective, controlling big brothers. And early in our relationship I set them against me by showing up unannounced to give Gaby a mix tape. It pretty much ruined any chance I had of having a normal relationship with her.

A sad day among us coffee fiends: Juan Valdez died on this day in 1993. Or rather, the actor who played him died.

Lots to talk about on this page, but I really want to focus in on a small note in the middle: "The clock will go!" The Bagel Boys was what our little group of third hour open guys called ourselves (John, Joe, Ted, me and a rotating cast of others). The clock in question was a standard issue school clock in the cafeteria that had ceased working. We decided it needed to be taken. We devised a plan as to how we'd quickly remove it from the wall and sneak it away, and actually did it later in the week. I'll hold off on revealing the result.

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