Saturday, May 22 & Sunday, May 23

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: May 22-23

OK, prom. Prom went well. Suzanne came and picked me up (we were spending the night at her mom's apartment downtown, so it made more sense), but not before a couple photos of me in my short-panted tux and her in her houndstooth silk pajamas and marabou-feathered slippers. Then we were off to Katrina's house to pick up her and her date.

Prom was where it always was -- at the Sheraton next to Woodfield in Schaumburg. The food was decent, and it was a lot of fun dancing and hanging out with all our friends. I remember dancing hard to Violent Femmes' "Add It Up" -- as most of the "cool kids" walked off the dancefloor and all us ran on.

Afterward, a bunch of us headed downtown -- as in the actual downtown Chicago, not the "downtown" meaning the entire city that suburbanites often use. If I remember correctly, we were planning on taking a night time cruise on the river, but we arrived too late for the last ride. I really don't remember if that was the case, though -- all I really remember is wandering around near the Michigan Avenue Bridge with Suzanne and Katrina and her date (who was from some other school) and eventually parting ways. Suzanne and I went up to her mom's apartment, which was at Michigan and Superior. It was an efficiency -- basically just one room with some closets, a kitchenette on one wall and a bathroom. Suzanne's mom had the apartment so she wouldn't have to commute to Barrington while she was taking classes downtown, so it was plenty for her. But it meant there was only one bed, a small futon mattress, for we "friends" to sleep on.

What could happen?


Secret writing:

Suzanne and I screwed around last night. I should be ashamed, but I'm not. I actually enjoyed it. Hmmm...

So, yeah. Stuff happened. I'm not going to get into great detail, but it was the start of an on-and-off flirtation and messing around between us for the rest of the summer.

(This is definitely one of those moments where the public nature of this blog conflicts with the intent of the project. I'm still in contact with Suzanne, and it wouldn't be very hard for someone to connect the dots from me to her. Granted, the events I'm writing about happened 17 years ago, but that doesn't mean someone wouldn't get upset. It's the reason people are only being referred to by first name for the most part here.)

We met up with Katrina and her date later in the day and went to the Shedd Aquarium, hence the references to fish and the awesome pun from Katrina about seeing-eye frogs. The Shedd, incidentally, is one of the best touristy places to go if you've got a hangover or didn't get enough sleep the night before -- it's dimly lit and relatively peaceful, if you're there when there aren't too many kids.

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