Tuesday, May 18 & Wednesday, May 19

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: May 18-19

Wow, three eye descriptions in one day! My eyes were "dark aqua" in the morning, blue-green at 5:15 and "milky green-blue" at 11pm.

No idea what I thanked Gaby for. Nor do I know what sort of dance the "Costa Rican Boogie" is -- Google turns up nothing.

The number at the top -- 14 -- signifies the number of school days until the last day of school for seniors.

I don't know who Ryan H. was -- neither of the ones in the yearbook look familiar -- but he apparently stole a Cadillac hood ornament and got cut.

And here's another, clearer example of how changeable my eye color was at the time -- it went from dark to light in the space of 20 minutes.

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