Thursday, October 21 & Friday, October 22

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: October 21-22

Wow, packed page, conveniently divided into the thirds.

We learned in our intro to philosophy class that the early Christians grew their numbers by indoctrinating Roman housewives. There were books written in ancient Rome about how to deprogram your wife or other relative if they'd been brainwashed by Christianity.

In the middle are notes for my English professor. After a month of frustration, I took action and met with him to discuss ways to make the class go better. I wish I knew what I was supposed to find out about.

And at the bottom, one of my favorite stories from freshman year: walking home late at night through a mostly deserted campus, and seeing someone struggle to his feet in the bushes behind the student athletic center.

I no longer have recurring dreams about a pipe, but it sort of makes sense that I had them then. I took up smoking a pipe when I went off to college -- I took one that my dad had been given in a failed effort to get him to quit cigarettes -- and I was really keen on the idea of carving my own. I don't recall if I ever looked up what pipes symbolize in dreams, if anything.

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