Monday, November 8 & Tuesday, November 9

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: November 8-9

I'd say these two quotations sum up how I was feeling right around then: over-extended and insignificant.

Actually, thinking about Melissa's visit a bit more, I remember that we talked about the pressures affecting each of us. Melissa felt a lot of pressure to date someone in Barrington -- one someone in particular, but just in general, her friends and family noticed that she was blue a lot because I wasn't around. They thought she would be happier if she dated someone who was in high school, if she wasn't in a long-distance relationship. I had to admit, it was taking its toll on me, too, and (I think) I acknowledged that fact. But in spite of that, I didn't want to break up.

Oy, if only just agreed to that we should go ahead and date other people right then, I would have saved months of agony. But I was still too in love.

And here was Diana on Monday and Tuesday, there to rub it in my face.

The Violent Femmes were a deeply important band to me in high school, so the opportunity to see them was really exciting. They were touring in support of their newly released greatest hits album, and the Newport was packed. Diana turned out to be a huge fan -- much bigger than me, in fact; I loved their debut and Why Do Birds Sing?, but she stuck with them through their unpopular religious phase, too. It was fun watching the show with her.

Secret writing:

Diana and I got really close tonight. I went home with a purple cheek and a smile on my face.

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