Sunday, November 28 & Monday, November 29

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In 1993, I spent the year writing in a blank datebook from 1954. Now, in 2010, I'm posting each page on the web and writing about it. You may want to start at the beginning.

1954: November 28-29

Steve, Bootsie and I were walking toward campus this afternoon and came across a golf club someone had broken in three. We picked up the pieces and carried them aways for some reason, but then dropped them again ...well, Steve and Bootsie dropped them. I threw mine, the handle portion, at the chainlink fence we were walking next to. I figured it would hit the fence and drop, but instead it ricocheted back at us. Bootsie and I ducked, but Steve wasn't fast enough and it hit him in the face, cutting him deeply just below his lower lip. It immediately started gushing blood, so we changed whatever plans we had (I think we were meeting some friends for dinner) and headed for OSU Hospital.

I remember not being exactly sure how to get to the emergency room from where we were, and wandering the hospital campus a little bit before finding it. We called our friends and let them know what was up, and Steve got a few stitches. Steve wasn't mad at me, but I felt terrible.

Nice quote from Thomas Mann: "We artists are like eunuchs; we sing beautifully but we are cut off from life."

Apatheology is a nice portmanteau. I guess it would be a lazy religion?

I almost missed the "up all night" notes at the bottom of both pages here. Insomnia sucks.

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